Mount Magazine

In August, Tim and I recruited my dad to babysit the three older girls, and we ventured to Mount Magazine in Arkansas. It was still a million degrees in Texas so it was nice to escape the heat wave and enjoy a bit of cooler weather. We took little Birdie Bea with us because she was still nursing at the time, and let's be honest, I knew my dad would have a much easier time watching the kids without a wiggly baby. The Spanish women at church call Felicity a little "mamita" because she is so attached to me. She was an angel baby on the trip, and we all just loved being free in the open air.

Mount Magazine is the home of the highest point in Arkansas, which as you can see from the picture above is not all that high. 2,573 feet is laughable to our Utah folk, but it still felt great to hike the rugged, albeit semi-flat terrain. Arkansas has been in a drought this year so the rivers and streams were nonexistent, but it didn't stop us from using our imagination. I was so glad we found this place. We heard it is absolutely gorgeous in October. We tried to get up there again, but we quickly learned that it books a year in advance so perhaps next year.

We are so thankful for my dad and his willingness to pop over last minute. I literally called him the week before and pitched him the idea. The girls loved being spoiled by him. I can't tell you how many times they still tell me that their Papa took them to two parks in one day. An idea that has seriously blown their minds! Hahaha. Thanks dad. We all love you here.

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