Christmas morning

I dread the day the girls decide they don't want to take a picture waiting on the stairs. They were so anxious, and I was driving them crazy by making them wait. 

And they're off!

The really wonderful thing about my girls is that we have taught them not to expect anything. They are happy with smallest things. After opening her stocking, Elle exclaimed, "Santa was so nice to me." Tim and I looked at each other; we should've stopped at the stocking apparently. ;) Each girl was so happy with a bow or a pair of socks or a book, and they were especially excited about their bigger surprises. They opened their presents in about 20 minutes and scattered immediately to play with their treasures. I had to beg Mya to stay with me so she could video tape Tim opening his gift. I knew she'd be equally excited so I was happy she obliged.

Thank you, thank you to all friends and family who spoiled us this Christmas season! It was such a happy day.

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