my old soul

Man, she's beautiful. Every inch of her--from her fake gray hair to her big girl teeth to her chipped fingernail polish to her slim legs and narrow feet. Even dressed as an old lady, she is still stunning.

Today Mya celebrated 100 days at school. As a celebration, all the kids in her class (and probably tons all over the U.S.) dressed like they were 100 years old. Not wanting to buy costume materials, we rummaged our closets and pieced her outfit together this morning. I wish you could've seen her smile as I applied my lipstick and placed my pearls around her neck.

Mya has always had an old soul. She is pensive and wise. Of course she's still a child so she's completely irrational from time to time, but she really has an amazing ability to take a step back and assess different situations. Today after dinner, she worked on sight word flash cards with Genevieve, and I kept hearing her cheer her on, "Good job Genevieve! Look how smart you are getting!" She is good to her sisters. In fact, I hope they realize how good she really is. Every time we drop her off at school, she jumps out of the car and starts to run across the crosswalk when she hears her sisters scream "Bye Mya! Bye!!" Although I know she's embarrassed, she always turns around and flashes a big smile and waves back at them. She didn't do it once and Elle cried for 10 minutes so when she got home we talked about it, and she told me that she felt embarrassed, but she promised to turn around anyway. And she always does. She's good to them, and she's good to me.

Yesterday, she couldn't open the front door for some reason. I was in my bathroom and didn't hear her knocking. She panicked and thought I wasn't home. She sat down in our driveway and cried. A few minutes later I heard the doorbell ring and found a stranger at my door. Mya stood at his side with tears running down her face, and he told me how he found her crying. I felt terrible. I thanked the man and held Mya in my arms for several minutes as she sobbed. I whispered how much I loved her, and I finally felt her body rest in my arms. Even though she is an old soul, she is still such a child, and it's important for me to remember that. I love her so very much.

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