a (fingers crossed) quiet 36 hours

Two weeks ago, I texted Tim in the middle of the day and asked, "What do you think about camping over Easter weekend?" His response: "You want to go camping? We'll talk when we get home." After the girls went to bed that night, I explained how much the girls had been begging to go camping. We tossed the idea back and forth, and after much discussion (mostly about nighttime bathroom breaks), we decided Tim would take the three older girls camping in Oklahoma, and I would stay home with Felicity.

We didn't tell the kids a thing about our plans because we're seasoned parents at this point (wink, wink) and because we were waiting to see if the weather would hold up, which it did (thank goodness). But seriously, tip #105, keep exciting plans from children as long as possible just in case at the last minute you have to change said plans because kids do not handle devastation well. We promise.

So currently, Tim is probably setting up the tent while I sit writing in the comfort of my own bed. I have roughly 36 hours of quiet solitude, with the exception of Birdie who happened to be quite the handful tonight. But knowing her sleep patterns, I should be able to find ample time to do whatever my heart wants to do, which is something I am not really used to. The nutty clean freak in me wants to wash all the walls and scour the house from top to bottom while the girls away, but I know I will only be disappointed when the girls come rushing in with muddy shoes and sticky hands so I'm torn on that option. The weak and recovering me wants to sleep, sleep, sleep the entire time, but I know that's not completely possible so I'll opt for a healthy afternoon nap tomorrow. Please and thank you. The nester in me wants to continue organizing spaces before this baby boy shows up, but again, I don't know if I have the energy to do it. And the lazy part of me wants to watch all the movies Tim grimaces at when a preview comes on television. So what to do...it is the $100 question of the day.

Already, I've enjoyed a hot shower without banging hands on the glass walls separating me from them, and I've walked around the house naked without being poked or sneered at because of my "huge" belly. It is a luxury I plan to enjoy a few more times over the course of the next day and a half. Sorry neighbors. :) (Truth be told, I'm quick, and I usually avoid areas where people can see into the house.)

So there you have it--my thoughts on a calm Thursday evening.

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