Is sleeping while on heavy medication the same as just sleeping? That is my question tonight. After spending a unplanned evening in labor and delivery last night, I came home and passed out all night and most of today. I've been dealing with some crazy stomach issues since last week. At first I thought it was the stomach flu so I patiently waited out the nausea and vomiting. Then it went away, and I looked heavenward and thanked my lucky stars because being nauseated at 31 weeks is just about the worst thing in the world, but then the symptoms came rushing back early yesterday morning.

Pale, weak, and nauseated, I called Tim and asked him to take me to the hospital where I received a couple bags of fluid and rested until I could hold down 4 unsalted saltine crackers, which were terrible by the way. I had hoped that my visit to the hospital would revitalize my body, but it seems to have only bandaged the problem because today I feel the same as yesterday, only a bit more hydrated. And I feel sooooo drugged. My doctor called in a prescription for some anti-nausea medicine, with a warning that it would make me very tired, but I thought it can't make things worse, can it? I suppose it has helped with the nausea, but now I feel like a zombie.

I hope to feel better tomorrow. I really do. My house looks like a tornado has come barreling through and Mya is behind on homework and I am behind on work and well, the list continues. It's amazing how much goes to crap when mom is under the weather, even if dad is doing the best he can to keep things afloat.

Wish me luck!


  1. So sorry! I've been complaining abt pelvic ligament pain for a month, but I'll take that any day compared to what you are going through. Hope your body knocks it off & gets back to as normal as you can at 31/32 weeks (I'm 32 weeks

  2. take luck!! I'm a little late on the commenting here, but I sure hope you are doing better, that sounds terrible!


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