My first beauty

Mya is a beautiful child; she just is. There are so many layers to her, and I love nearly every single one. A few weeks ago she and Tim attended their second daddy/daughter dance. You should know that Mya asked me for a calendar for Christmas and the moment she received it, she immediately looked for the date of the daddy/daughter dance so she could mark the date. The week before the dance, Mya changed her mind on her outfit every single day, and when it came to the day of, she chose this sweet little number and asked me to do a braided bun for her updo.

Once her dress was on and her hair and makeup done, I couldn't take my eyes off her. Her high cheekbones stood and red lips stood out to me. She is such a beauty.

In true Tim style, he knocked on the door with flowers and whisked her off for a night of dancing. Tim said they rocked the dance floor for over an hour. Mya told me when she got home that she felt "like a princess with her prince." She loves her dad, and I'm so glad she has this experience every year.

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