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The girls love gymnastics. (I personally think the place we attend is pure crap, but they are happy so we keep them in it because they are happy.) 

Tim took the girls camping in Oklahoma a few weeks ago. Birdie and I stayed home and enjoyed the comfort of our own beds, but the older girls loved their time with dad. 

Elle is really into Waldo lately, and she is really good at it. 

Tim took V on a date bowling a few weeks ago. She managed to make it a good game, but Tim beat her in the end. Luckily she couldn't totally understand the game screen so she never really knew that he won. 

Tim also took Elle on a date, and she requested dinner, Chuck e Cheese and Target. She is a total sucker for Target. I wonder why???? :)

Genevieve loves to dress Birdie, and one day she came downstairs with her dressed like a superhero. I laughed so hard and immediately grabbed my camera to snap some pictures. 

And look at that face. She is a doll baby. I love everything about her except her inability to talk yet. ;) If only she could say something other than "ack, ack" all day long.

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