Birdie meets Timmy

I'm hoping my friend got pictures of the other girls' reactions to meeting Timmy because for some reason I only have a couple of shots of Birdie's first encounter with him, which was incredibly sweet and terrifying at the same time. Obviously Felicity had zero comprehension that a new baby was coming, but I did try to teach her things with a baby doll we had lying around the house. You know--be soft with the baby, don't hit the baby, don't drop the baby, etc. All those mini lessons were thrown to the curb the moment she saw him. Excited by a living/breathing being, she could hardly contain her emotions, and she projected them all on him.

These first shots of them together make my heart smile. Luckily the nurse grabbed them before the moment turned sour. We had to peel Timmy away from her, which left her with crocodile tears. Things were rough around the house the first few days, but I think his newness is wearing off now so hopefully there will be less tears in the future.

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  1. Oh my gosh! What a reaction! Priceless pictures!


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