Mya and Genevieve just finished spring soccer, and unlike last spring, the weather was warm and sunny most Saturdays, and the girls were able to play in all their games. Tim coached Mya's team again and really helped her team improve. Living in a small town makes it extremely hard to recruit so Tim had the smallest roster in the league, with only 4 girls that signed up. After the first game, Tim decided to sneak Genevieve on the team to give the other girls a chance to take a break if they needed to. Mya and Genevieve improved so much under his direction. He still maintains that he doesn't want to coach again, and I get it--it's extremely hard to coach your own child, especially if that child has a crazy streak on the field, but I hope he will because I think he's good for Mya. Because V practiced and played with the bigger girls, she became the star for her little team.

I always laugh with Tim about soccer because neither of us really love soccer, but it seems all of our girls have a future in it. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't hear soccer balls being bounced off walls inside the house, and sometimes I'll turn around and find Felicity kicking away. They all just love it, which makes me love it too. 

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