they call it love; he might call it torture

Poor Timmy. He doesn't have a chance to open his eyes, cough, hiccup, sneeze, etc. without his sisters running to his side to help him in whatever way they can. There are moments when I swear he closes his eyes immediately after making a noise just to avoid being squeezed to death. To their credit, Mya, V and Elle are extremely good with him, always singing to him and patting his back to help the burps come out, but Birdie is different. She has so much love and curiosity for him inside her small little body that no matter how hard she tries to be "soft" or "gentle," it always comes out wrong, and they both end up crying.

Timmy is loved in a way I could not have imagined. The girls run to see him as soon as they get home from school, and they usually will not go to sleep at night without kissing his forehead. I know the way they feel because I always felt that way for my baby brother too. He may think the way they show their love is torture, but one day he will understand how unbelievably loved he is.

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