little firecracker

Let it be known that I am the mother of four (maybe five...Timmy's personality is yet to be determined) little firecrackers, especially our littlest baby girl. She has a look that screams "I'm going to give you hell mama." I live for that look. She is sly and sneaky, and she seems to be taking after Genevieve, which should come as no surprise seeing as V is basically her mother 75% of the time. Even I try to have some one on one time with Birdie, V has to be with us. She insists on getting her up in the morning, changing her diaper (even if it's poopy), finding her the right mismatched outfit, carrying her down the stairs, pouring her a bowl of cereal, buckling her in her carseat, holding her hand across the street, playing with her on the playground or outside, etc. I have to beg to spend time with her. Just this afternoon, V and Mya were playing outside for a minute so I snuck upstairs so I could be the one to wake Birdie from her short nap. I stood at the edge of her crib and watched her suck on her soft, pink blanket for awhile before rubbing her back until she woke up. I love watching my girls wake out of sleep. I scooped her up and held her close until I heard V running up the stairs because I had to prepare us both for the tantrum that was going to occur once she realized I got to Birdie first. But for a moment, it was just the two of us--my little firecracker and me. 

Now please enjoy how ridiculously cute Felicity looked for about a half hour on the 4th of July: 

And here are a few other pictures of our holiday. The girls were so tired by the time we lit fireworks in our driveway that I was nervous how they would react, but they loved them (except the one sparkler that betrayed Elle's trust--she did not like that). The day was well spent with Steve, Cami and the boys and later with Lee and Veronica. How we lucked out with such great friends I will never know, but I will be forever grateful. I hope you all had a lovely holiday as well.

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