long days, short months

We're quickly inching closer to the 2-month mark of leaving Texas. Oddly, I don't miss Texas--the place that is. I don't even miss my house. I generally have some strange sentimental feelings toward the homes we live in, and even though I loved that house and I loved that I brought 2 babies home to that house, I don't feel anything for it anymore. It's like it served its purpose, and it served it well, but now I don't need it. I can't really explain it.

Although I may not miss much about Texas, I do miss my people there. I miss knowing my neighbors and visiting my friends. I miss having people need me. Sometimes I feel useless here, like no one really knows I'm here. My kids do, and believe me, they need me enough for 100 people, but there's something about serving people outside my home that feeds my soul, and I miss that. I miss my dear friends, and I wish it didn't feel awkward to dial their numbers. Why is placing a call so difficult these days?! Too many people text, not enough call.

The days feel long here in this house that I cannot seem to organize. I don't have enough hands or time. But I know it will all shake out in time. I already love this house; I feel like it was meant for us. I love hearing my girls giggle at the ducks and geese in the lake outside, and I enjoy washing dishes with the warm sun (when it decides to peek out from the clouds) on my skin. So even though the days seem long, and I often feel invisible to everyone outside my house, the months are quickly passing by and helping me adjust to a new normal.

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  1. No joke I almost called you today while driving to/from Peoria, but I figured you'd be busy and basically felt that kind of weirdness you mentioned. But next time, I will call. 😘


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