I swear I tear up on the last day of every school year. It's ridiculous. I wish I could say I was tearing up out of summer fear, but nope, it's out of gratitude for the people--especially the teachers--who helped my kids all year.

Teachers do not get paid enough. They're like moms--overworked and underpaid. ;) But for real! I feel so grateful for my girls' teachers this year. Mya and Genevieve attended 3 different elementary schools as we shuffled from state to state, and it made things tricky for a bit. There were lots of emotions for a long time, but when we finally felt settled in Indiana, I was so grateful for the teachers who helped them pick up the pieces to their fragile and somewhat broken hearts and put them back together again.

If I could nominate a teacher of the year award, I'd nominate Genevieve's teachers, Mrs. Coffey and Mrs. Trowbridge. I had the privilege to watch them interact and teach the kids, and they blew me away. Genevieve has grown so much this year. And Mrs. Coffey was V's teacher in Texas and is still emailing her and writing her handwritten notes. She's amazing!

Mya's teacher here in Indiana has left a lasting impression on her. Mrs. O'Connell is very interested in math and science--Mya's weaker subjects--and she filled Mya's mind with so much wonder about life, earth and science that Mya now wants to be a teacher to be just like her. And Mya likes science now!

I am so grateful for all the hours teachers put in just so my kids can succeed. As a mom, it means the world to me. I don't see my kids for roughly 8 hours each day, which is crazy, and it is so important to me that they are surrounded by people who not only love them, but people who respect them and demand respect in return. School has helped Mya curb some--not all--of her crazy emotional rollercoasters, and it has helped V find a voice on different levels.

I can't believe this year is already over. I just can't believe it. Onto 3rd and 1st grades!

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