motherhood currently

currently, motherhood is...
-waking up early to make turkey/cheese or pb&j sandwiches for school lunches
-skipping a shower so the girls make it to school on time
-applying two shades of lipstick on Elle--lighter shade on the top lip and darker shade on the bottom lip--before dropping her off at preschool
-grocery shopping with two tiny humans who drop my precious apples or smash my bread with their feet in the cart
-changing hundreds of stinky diapers
-reading book after book on the couch with Birdie while cuddling under a warm blanket
-sitting on the deck watching Timmy discover leaves, pinecones, and spiders
-laughing at Birdie as she gets really into a conversation, but I have no idea what she's saying
-smiling at Timmy's attempts to walk a step or two
-washing at least 10 loads of laundry a week
-scrubbing at least 4 toilets a week
-nursing Timmy 3-4 times a day
-playing horse with Birdie and Timmy on my back
-helping Elle learn new sight words every afternoon before quiet time
-tucking my tiny babies in bed before nap time and listening to them suck on their blankets for comfort
-sitting in a ridiculously long line of cars to pick the girls up each afternoon
-pushing 3 swings at the same time at the park to the chanting of "higher, higher mama!"
-slicing apples for an afternoon snack
-whipping up dinner with two babies tugging at my pants
-setting the table and always forgetting the forks
-cleaning the dinner dishes in silence
-reading stories before bed
-snuggling with each kid before kissing them goodnight
-working late into the night to provide the necessities for said kids

Motherhood is by far the busiest job on the planet. I know some pretty good multi-taskers in the workforce, but I dare say my ability to multi task can beat any of my friends. Not only do I do so much every single day, I do so much at the same time. I have really come to appreciate the design of the human body as a mother. I use my hips, teeth, elbows, knees, toes, etc. in ways I never imagined as a single lady. But motherhood has stretched me past limits I never dreamed of, but am so grateful for.

I love my kids. Like I love them a ridiculous amount. That said--you should know that I was totally happy they went to bed tonight. I couldn't stand the sight of them for one more second tonight. They were all so whiny and fussy; I needed to be done with them before the sun went down. But even still--even in my irritation--I love them so much.

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