brain dead

I feel a little brain dead lately--like there's this void of any real thoughts in my head. I'm not sure if I should contribute it to the amount of times my kids watch Zig and Sharky (I mean...what really is that show?!), the mind-numbing chores that keep me busier than I'd like to be, a lack of sleep, or just the grey, winter sky. 

Today was a rather long day, and coupled with a brain-dead brain, it felt like I should just curl up and go back to bed at 9am. Sadly, I couldn't. I pushed through the fog and managed to finish my Thursday chores, bathe the babies, read to them and play a few toys with them too. On paper, it wouldn't appear all that bad. But then there are the unwritten tantrums that just put my nerves slightly over the edge, propelling me to the kitchen for an early lunch just so I could chase the lunch down with chocolate, and lots of it. 

Do you know these days? Perhaps you can replace a few key characters (aka...babies) with a certain friend, spouse, coworker, etc. 

Are you feeling the winter fog too? It's thick over here. Tonight we're supposed to get 8-12 inches of snow (in addition to the 6-8 inches we already got this week), which means Genevieve's field trip to see a play in South Bend will likely be curtailed by a snow day, and I will have to comfort her broken heart with an empty promise that the school might reschedule the show (highly unlikely). Oh to be a kid and to have your heart set on a field trip that may never happen! In addition to her sad face, I will also be thrown into the midst of chaos as my girls decided to make every craft in sight, since they can't go outside all day. 

Blah. Double blah. 

I'm sounding like such a pessimist. I guess it's sorta true at the moment. I've worked so hard at seeing the bright side, but let's get real for a moment, a pessimist can never truly change its true form. It can adapt most days, but sometimes its true nature just spills out all over the place, like a waterfall, and man, does it ever feel so good. ;)

And lastly, although there never was a first, I'm about to start my period, which according to Tim, lasts for about 3 weeks. Hahaha. The man doesn't have an agenda or anything. ;) But for periods are wreaking havoc on my body. It's like we all want to help the poor mom who's just starting labor with pains at a level 2, 3, or 4, and we're all so happy to bring her what she needs to feel more comfortable, but do we do that for the 30-something-year-old moms who aren't in actual labor but their bodies don't actually know that. Their period is just in full force, and we're like, "Sorry about your luck, but make sure you fold and put away the laundry. Oh yeah, and don't forget to sweep the floor." Ugh! Kill me. But for real. I'd give anything for a nurse to give me a pass at life, even if it was a 2-hour one. 

Oh boy...there's that pessimism. I hope you know that as I write this I have a coy smile painted on my face because I just love how pessimism brings out my sarcasm. Their in cahoots today, and it may be the best thing of my day. 

Anyway, sorry that you've probably been waiting for me to write something of value and you got a whole lot of babbling. But it was nice to be back. Perhaps it will prompt my brain to think deeper. Maybe. Hopefully. 


  1. Janine! Your whole paragraph about periods had me laughing out complete agreement! I had never equated it to early labor, but you bring up an excellent point! Yeah, just go on with normal life, accomplishing everything that needs doing, take care of all the kids, all while feeling like crap! Way to keep it real my friend! Hope your fog clears soon...and good luck with all that snow!

  2. And a period on a copper IUD is like bleeding to death... hemorrhaging after pregnancy. And chocolate stuffing is NO JOKE! Anyway, I had to laugh b/c I wrote up a really pessimistic Debbie Downer post myself this week I just haven't posted it yet... must a be a thing this year. I hope you feel more optimistic soon... but pessimistic Janine is funny ;)


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