Welcome to Denver. We had so much fun at Jesse and Blake's wedding last weekend. It was a much needed vacation. I took a billion pictures of everything and everyone. It's not everyday we get to go on a road trip with Tim's friends, so we took advantage of the opportunity. While in CO, we visited Golden and Boulder. These first few pictures are from Golden, a quaint little western town. Mya found her love of rivers and streams in Golden. Even though the water was freezing, she would not take her feet out. We have since visited a couple other streams to allow her to put her feet in again. Here we go with the tons of pics:

Mya wearing glasses which cost more than $500 (That's more than her medical deductible...needless to say, they aren't our sunglasses. They were on loan for the few minutes.) Mya says it
Mya began saying Taylor's name on the trip
I stole a picture of this innocent moment. Sorry Ben and Katie.
This was Mya's face when she came off the slide in Golden. I think the bottom was hot.
Grumpy to happy with just the mention of "ice cream"
Tim snapped this picture of our two pony-tailed pals. There is just something sweet about it.
The wedding: Denver Botanic Gardens (I missed the ceremony because Mya fell over and cut her knee open. I was busy finding a bandaid. Bummer.)
The newly married couple arriving at the reception
Although Josh claims he isn't good with kids, he is a sucker for them. Mya just loved him.
I took these pictures from the balcony. I think they turned out pretty good.

Saying goodbye to Jesse. I think we were the first to leave the reception (at 9:00) because well, there isn't much you can do with a cranky baby.
BOULDER, CO: I would move here. I just loved it.
We taught Mya to smile on cue. So cute.
Again with the water and the river. I think she would jump in if we let her.
And this is the face we confronted each time we turned around in the car. Grumpy Gus. Let's just say that 9 hours with Mya in a car is not a pretty sight.

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  1. Hey J- I just got caught up on your blog- I'm so glad Mya is okay- what a scary day! She's getting so much older looking.. I love it. Your hair is getting long too! I miss you guys- hopefully we'll get to see you soon.


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