3 years

I know...I know...where have I been? I don't feel like telling you. So there. Actually, the truth is that our air conditioning unit broke over two weeks ago and we have all been camped out downstairs. Mya sleeps in the computer room which makes it difficult to upload pictures or blog at night, which is primarily when I would do both. So the break has not been completely intentional, just a little. I have to admit that I have not felt up to blogging. I have taken several weeks to reflect on my life--things I like about it and things I don't. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me if there was something I could change about my current situation. I answered a solid no because I didn't see any place to cut anything out. However, my weeks of reflection have shown me small things I can do. I started doing them last week. My silent efforts will remain unknown at this time as I feel they are too new to announce and claim I am successful already.

Today, Tim and I celebrated our three year anniversary. I was sitting on our leather chair the other day watching Tim in the kitchen the other day. I don't remember what he was doing or what we were talking about, or if we were even talking at all...I just remember loving him right then and thinking...we are so different than we were three years ago. Our lives have molded together in a way that makes me smile everyday. We remain honest to each other in our relationship which always makes for a good laugh or a little scowl. Honesty has helped us change who we were to who we are now. I guess I thought Tim was the perfect guy for me three years ago. I guess he thought the same of me. Otherwise we wouldn't have tied the knot. However, marriage has taught me that perfection is a lifelong process. We have had our moments where we look at each other and think, "What are we doing?" We have had moments where we have laughed until we have both fallen asleep. We have had crazy moments. Unexpected events. Too many blessings to really number. And all the while, I have learned to love Tim in so many ways. He has always loved me in a way that I believe the rest of the world is jealous of. Tim has been my rock in marriage. When I feel shaky, he brings me back to firm ground. He teaches me everyday to be a better person. I love him. I love who we have become. I am grateful for our three years of marriage and for the little person who unexpectedly bounced into our lives. She is my little lady. I luv you honnnnney....as Mya says everyday.


  1. Holy smokes I can't believe we were all sweating to death in Arizona THREE years ago! That doesn't seem like it was that long ago. Although at the same time it feels like an eternity ago. I'm so happy you're both so happy still! Aaron and I talk about that all the time that really we didn't know each other at all when we got married. It even feels ridiculous at times to think we were in love then because the love we have now is so much more incredible than when we were married!

    Also you guys made one cute kid!

  2. I've been wondering how you are. I hope you're doing okay. I'll call you soon. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Cute family pic. Cute outfit too, Janine.


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