Provo river...check

I have a list of things I would like to do before we move from Provo. One goal has always been to float the Provo river. We attempted last year, but that experience was a bust. So I was determined this year...well, then the months passed and I forgot about it and when I remembered I thought it was too late. Not so. Our friends, Paul and Misti, invited us to go with them a couple of weeks ago. Not only did I laugh more than I had all summer (I actually think that is true sadly enough), but it was just a relaxing experience to float the river. Not to mention I am basically a hero now. I helped a little girl onto my tube after her canoe flipped over. She was stranded, and her family was still a ways away so I just helped her up. I felt so bad for her. She couldn't have been more than 10 yrs. old and she was shivering and scared. Finally someone from her group caught up and had her jump in their raft.
I can't say thank you enough to you Misti for inviting us. Misti has known the mood I've been in lately and she still wanted to hang out with me. And for one afternoon, I wasn't in a mood. I laughed and smiled and felt like me again. So thanks. Like I said in the previous post, my mood has perked up quite a bit since then. I am slowly feeling like me.


  1. This looks like a hoot. I'm glad you checked it off your list. Oh, and congrats on three amazing years!!



  2. I would have to say that you have laughed a lot with me this summer... especially late at night when you are incoherent and crazy. But I must say that it was really fun to float the river. Thanks again Paul and Misti!

  3. How fun! It has been a while since I have floated down a river.

  4. You ARE such a hero. I think you deserve a medal. I'll work on that.

    We had great fun too. Glad to hear you are starting to feel more like yourself again.


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