September may be my favorite month. I crave the crisp air that chills my skin and causes the hair on my arms to stand straight up as I run to my car in the morning. I grow emotional each time I see college-age kids walk with backpacks towards BYU. I miss learning. I miss BYU in the fall. I dream in red, yellow and burnt orange. I await hayrides and pumpkin patches. I relish my football Thursdays and Saturdays. I love to buy fresh food at the farmer's market. I make Tim drive me up the canyon just to see change. There is something quite delightful about the change in seasons. Especially when referring to summer and fall. I think I like it more than any other change because things aren't necessarily dead yet, they are just aging. They are just allowing God's normal cycle to take its course. I don't know why I don't always do that. I seem to go from one extreme to the next not allowing myself to enjoy the period in between. Perhaps that is why I love September. It helps me remember to grow and change.

We finally took some good pictures of Mya. We have been slackers about pictures. No excuses. Just pure laziness and neglect. Plus I am tired of people telling me how they love Mya's scowls since that is all she gives in pictures. Well, not so. We stole a few precious moments where she is smiling and laughing. They just make me smile.
Can't you just see her running for class president? I would vote for that face.

Yep...the mullet. It's still around. Just get over it.

We bought Monster's Inc a few weeks ago and she has fallen in love with "kitty" and "scary monsters." She may or may not be Boo for Halloween. The idea is still a work in progress.

After a terrible day with her yesterday, this was my favorite moment. Should I admit that out loud?


  1. I love the change of seasons, too. Although, the change in TX is a little bit different, but there is change. Cute pics of Mya. I too, actually thought about having Norah be Boo because of her pigtails.

  2. Love September. {Obs.} I enjoy the change too. It's so much fun to have the visual and physical shift from hot to cold. Endless days to early nights. I love it.

    Those pictures of Mya are great. I would vote Mya for president,any day of the week.

  3. I love all the pictures of you lovely little family. love mom

  4. I'm so glad you posted some pictures, mya is adorable and growing so fast! You are a great writer Janine, if you write a book, I will read it :)

  5. She is certainly something else. I must say she looks just like her Dad in that last one asleep, I think it's the tilt of her head! Beautiful!

  6. So I am trying to figure out how other moms get their little girls' hair done. Mine finally has enough hair to do something, she too has the mullet look, and I'm just not sure how to go about doing something with it. I just picture the tears and snot flying. Any suggestions?


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