So...there are a lot of pictures in this post. And lots more to come. We haven't even downloaded the pictures from the game yet. For those of you interested in Mya, you will find all our newest photos of her at the beginning. But don't stop there...you have to see how much the cousins have grown since we were all together in Michigan over a year ago. Most the cousins (minus baby Abby) talk a little or a lot. They all have their own little personalities which made for an interesting weekend full of energy and loud voices. It was so fun to be with family. I really needed time away. I needed time to laugh, play cards, watch football, drown out the humdrum of my normal life and talk to people I've missed. So thanks Tim and Cathy for a great weekend. Everything was perfect.

This is my new favorite picture of Mya. I just love it.

Mya loves fire/candles. Every time she sees a candle, she says "birday." We celebrated Tim's birthday twice in Michigan and she helped her daddy blow out the candles during the second party. She is just getting ready for her own cake.
She is definitely like her daddy. She loves the good things of life. Especially chocolate cake and frosting. I just thought this picture was a classic moment. I see it a lot around my house.
She was not a fan of the apple cider mill this year. She does NOT like loud noises and didn't enjoy the sound of the apple crushing machine. She just kept saying, "Scary mommy. I need you." Sad.
The rest of the pictures feature the family. I love the following one of Tim and Sarah and our kids. Chris may be the happiest kid I know.

Cousin reunion after the Michigan and State games. Go Big Ten!

PopPop and Nory


  1. I LOVE the first sepia one of Mya on the swing. PRECIOUS :)!!

    Her bday's coming up huh! So crazy, they get big so fast.

  2. My niece gets cuter every time I see her.

  3. Great pics! It was fun to see you and your cute family. I loved fake laugh, it cracked me up every time. It was also fun to chat with you in person.

  4. Can I revise that sentence in the previous comment? It should read.....I loved Mya's fake laugh, it cracked me up every time I heard it.

    Thanks for letting me revise sentence.

  5. Oh my goodness, I must be tired.

    Thanks for letting me revise THAT sentence.

    Okay, I am done now. I think.

  6. Such cute pictures. Mya is such a cute girl. It was fun to see you guys!

  7. Aww Mya is so photogenic! I LOVE her boots!! They are sooo cute on her! And I agree the pics of her on the swing are priceless! Hope everythings goin well!! Miss you!


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