Home has been a little haven for us over the past few days. We are extremely grateful to all the wonderful people that have helped us. I haven't made a meal (thanks to the women at church) since coming home from the hospital. My friend came over yesterday to help me wash the dishes and my neighbor unexpectedly visited me on Friday and vacuumed the carpets and folded all my laundry. Pure angels. Thank you.

V-V making some faces. Good thing Tim is such an amazing photographer (Tim typed this part himself.)
The girls were a little tired after the hospital ordeal. Mya justed wanted to lay on the floor all day today. Lazy little bug. This was just too good to pass up--Mya loves her sister. Probably the best looking guy on the planet (Tim also wrote this)

Don't you just love these faces? I do. I love my family. Mya has been so funny lately. Today, I found her holding the breast pump up to her chest and trying to stick a nursing pad down her shirt. She says she wants to be "just like mommy." She also insists on eating when Vie eats and is a little perplexed on why she can't get milk from me too. How do you explain that to a two year old? Luckily, we distract her enough by coaxing her with "milk with chocolate on it." That's what she calls chocolate milk these days. She used to say "chocolate milk", but now it is always "milk with chocolate on it." Whatever. Also, my new favorite game is to ask Mya what sound an animal makes and I will make the wrong sound and ask her if it is right. Of course, she just cocks her little head and says, "No mommy. That's not right." We played that game with the Disney princesses too. She is a smart cookie and somehow, she even knows all the princesses we haven't introduced her to. It makes me wonder where she learns about them. I have to assume the kids at her babysitter's house are teaching her. Although Mya is a stubborn stinker and yells "NO" at the top of her lungs when asked to do something or say something, she can also be very sweet. Lately, she insists on hugging and kissing me before bed. Before Vie came along, I was just a passing thought at night. Now, I think she is worried I will not be home when she wakes up. I am loving her affection. Last night she woke up crying and when I went into her bedroom she said, "Hi mommy...I want cheese." Umm, no. It was 9:45 and cheese was her first choice? Random. I didn't give in but had to stay in her bedroom for a while to calm her down. She asked me for six hugs and four kisses while we rested in bed. That never happens for me. Hugging her just makes me smile because she always tells me, "I wuv you mommy" as she squeezes my neck. Oh my kids. Plural. Weird. I was telling Tim last night that it amazed me how easy it is to tell people I have kids. Meaning more than one. It was just a natural transition.

I still have one week home with my precious little dear. I am going to soak in all the coos and squeaks that she makes. She is a squeaker. And each squeak makes me laugh.


  1. Beautiful thoughts Janine and a beautiful family. All I can say to Tim is "Timmy, Timmy, Timmy!"

  2. I'm stupidly obsessed with your kids. p.s. Genevieve's nick name is "biscuit". I don't think Mya would appreciate sharing "nugget".

    Love you.


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