Today was supposed to be my due date. However, my baby is a week old today. Weird. Time is flying by, and I am sad to see my time at home drawing near to a close. I thought staying home would be hard on me. I hadn't ever really done it before, but it has been amazing because it has been a great opportunity to get to know my two little ones. And boy, there is a lot to get to know.

Tim snapped this picture minutes before we headed to the hospital

Genevieve--one week old

I thought I would quickly jot down a few notes about Genevieve's birth story. I think I will do it in bullet points because it was a quick delivery.

Monday February 28, 2011
  • 6:30-I woke up knowing she would be coming later that day or early the next morning
  • 7:00-Arrive at work
  • 11:30-Leave work and head to the OB's office for my final visit
  • 11:45-My OB tells me to take a long walk and wait for her to come
  • 12:30-Tim and I head to the gym, and I walk for 40 minutes at the quickest pace I can manage
  • 1:30-Run errands with Tim (my legs feel completely dead)
  • 3:00-Pick up Mya from her babysitter's house and go home to clean the house a little
  • 5:00-Begin to rest
  • 7:00-Begin to have pain in my back
  • 10:00-Tim and I start clocking the pain only to realize the pain was coming every 2 minutes
  • 10:30-We decide the pain is probably back contractions, call Anna to come watch Mya and head to the hospital
  • 11:00-Arrive at hospital
  • 11:30-Nurse tells me they will probably send me home around midnight
  • 12:00-Contractions still coming consistently and dilated to a 4--the nurse is about to discharge us and send us home with pain meds (where else in America would they send someone home who is dilated to a 4 and having consistent contractions?)
  • 12:10-Doctor decides we should stay at the hospital because the baby's heart rate is dropping after every contraction
  • 12:15-Deal with a grumpy nurse
  • 12:30-Get the epidural in the middle of a contraction (still feeling the pain from that decision--I wish he would have waited until the contraction finished)
  • 1:00-We are told we have to wait until the doctor finishes two c-sections
  • 1:30-3:50-Patiently wait for the doctor while eating tigerblood flavored ice chips (new nurse arrives around 2, and she is the nicest thing on the planet)
  • 3:50-Nurse tells me to push
  • 4:17-Genevieve arrives with a little squawk
That's it. That's the story. Nothing too exciting to anyone but our family. After one week with Genevieve, I can't help but kiss her about 100 times a day. She really is so sweet. We have only had one rough night with her. She is a great baby.


  1. thanks for posting! 2nd time around really is easier

  2. Janine, I know you are at the end of your pregnancy in the pic you posted, but you really look great. You are a great mom, too.

  3. oops, that was me, if you couldn't tell.....Joan

  4. Such a cute family! What camera are you using! Awesome shots Tim!


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