The women in my life

Mom, Cathy, Grandma Bohn, Grandma Connie, Amanda, Whit, Kristen, Anna, Ashley, Ellie, Misti, Keely, Krista, Julie, Annette, Carol, Jackie, Natalie, Karen, Rachel, Danie, Nancy, Lauren, Nickell, Courtney, Joan, Sarah, Michelle...these are only a few of the names of the women who have either prepared meals, watched Mya, vacuumed my floors, folded my laundry, held my tiny baby, cleaned my bathroom, visited me in the hospital, bought me diapers/wipes, attended my shower, threw me a shower, sent a card/package, called to say hello or brightened my day over the past two weeks. I am grateful for women. Growing up, I didn't really have a lot of female friends. I didn't really have a lot of friends period, but girl friends were hard to come by. However, as an adult, I have embraced the idea of having girl friends because they are the ones who think of you when no one else does.

I found this quote and thought I would change the words a little to reflect how I feel about the women who have spent countless hours helping me over the past weeks. "[These women may be] small in stature, yet I stand on [their] shoulders everyday. [Their] influence will ever be with me. I cannot honor [them] properly by what I say but only by how I live." Although thank you notes will be sent out, I feel they do not express my gratitude enough. I have felt completely loved and cared for and hope that they know that I will return the favor by caring for others in the future. I am always amazed by the women who are willing to drop everything to make a meal or pick up someone's kids. I have rarely had the chance to do this because of my schedule, but with my life changing soon, I should have more time to be available.

So friends...thank you. You mean the world to me.

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