today was one of those days that i just wanted to go to bed at 1pm and call it a day. i felt terribly uncomfortable in all of my clothes today. although i only have about 8-10 lbs i want to lose from pregnancy, today was a day that it felt more like 25-30. my shirt felt a little too snug. i chose maternity jeans for the mere fact that i didn't want to try and squeeze into my old jeans. gross. work was lame. mya threw a fit when i tried taking her away from the babysitter's house. she threw that fit all the way home. she slammed two doors in my face when i asked her to go upstairs for a nap. she dumped water all over the kitchen. she then screamed so loud as i basically dragged her upstairs for a nap. after i finally shut the door with mya, genevieve began to fuss. and she fussed until tim got home two hours later. he held her for five minutes and she was out like a light. so frustrating. i cleaned up downstairs only to find a mess in our room. tired of picking up after people, i just cleaned my side of the room. i know--i am petty and acting like a 13 yr. old. once my side was clean, i just curled up in a ball on my side of the bed and shut out the world. i just woke up and feel just as grumpy as before. i really should call it a night before i growl at someone. welcome home hormones.


  1. Holy cow, why didn't you call me? I could have come over and helped you out. Call me next time.

  2. Those days are the WORST. Confession: I clean my half of the room too! Also, for sanity's sake I have created sides for our dishes because I was sick of inequality for dish washing. And I don't fold Bryan's clothes. I organize them in like stacks because I got sick of taking the time to fold them, and him not putting them away. Then me getting angry and bitter as a result. Ha! We all have those days.

    My tip? Go buy the prettiest shade of lipstick at MAC and apply it to your lovely lips. I always wear hot pink or red on my, "I feel ugly and stupid days."

    I love you! You're doing an amazing job.


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