the class catch: Amelia

I was introduced to Amelia's blog: Homebook through Nat the Fat Rat. Amelia makes me smile. I have grown to love her in the few short months I've been reading the tales of her life. She inspires me all the time. 

Want to hear about how my sweet husband and I met?

We met in high school. We’re high school sweethearts. Isn’t that mushy? Doesn’t that make you just want to gag? Sorry!

I remember spotting Ryan for the first time during freshman orientation. He was wearing a white t-shirt and glasses. And his hair was so sun-bleached that it actually looked kind of white. I thought he was adorable. Unfortunately, most of the other girls in our class thought so, too.

I spent most of my freshman and sophomore years secretly pining for him, and watching him date two of my friends. (Ouch!) He was always friendly and nice to me, and he always always made me laugh, which did nothing to help my desperate crush. But I was just a friend. Nothing more! Oh, it was dramatic.

Then, junior year came along, and suddenly I didn’t like him anymore. I still can’t put my finger on why, but I think it had something to do with him growing out his hair?

But this is where the story gets interesting: You see, junior year is the year Ryan tells me that he had a crush on me! While I was wondering why he was constantly tossing his hair, he was thinking, “I like Amelia. She allllways laughs at my jokes.”

Senior year is when our relationship stars finally aligned. According to Ryan, he had thought about me all summer long, and when homecoming came around, he asked me to the dance. I said, “Sure!” (He had cut his hair, thank goodness!) And then we high-fived.

We spent homecoming night dancing and laughing, and after he helped me find my dad’s expensive camera that I was sure I had lost, I held his hand. The rest is history!

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  1. high school sweethearts!? i love that!! such an amazing story :)


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