love buds at an early age: Stephanie

The first thing I feel in love with when I happened upon Stephanie's blog--Following the Walkers was her large edible dog. I wish I lived closer to her so I could dog sit every once in awhile. I am really dog hungry as of late. But as delicious as her dog is, I decided to keep reading her blog because she is so thoughtful in every post. She writes about things that matter to her, and oddly enough they have started to matter to me. Isn't that why we read anything in the first place?

How did you meet? 

Technically, we met when I was four and he was six. He and my sister were in the same first grade class. But we didn't get to know each other until my freshman year of high school (his junior year), through his best friend and my sister. He used to drop love notes in my locker and I memorized his class schedule so that I could walk by his classes during the day. He spelled out "I love you" in Twizzlers one night, and we haven't stopped saying it since.


  1. In Twizzlers? Love it. So cute that you were smitten from such a young age. Rx

  2. um, cutest thing ever!!!! what a great story! and i love that he spelled it out with twizzlers.
    xo TJ

  3. Thanks for having me on your lovely blog :)


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