peanut wonderings: what are some of your staples?

I love to grocery shop. It's addicting. If I had a car, I think I'd go to the store everyday because I love to walk up and down each aisle and dream up delicious dishes. Whenever I am at the grocery store, I  observe people and their carts. Shallow or not, I think you can tell a lot about a person by the cart he/she pushes around.
 [I am too embarrassed to show you a picture of my fridge which is a literal piece of trash. The door is broken. The shelves hold up the condiments with a twisted hanger. I will save you the shock of seeing it and just post this picture of my dream fridge. Image source.]

What are some of the staple items you always grab while at the store? Is there a special treat you hide from your spouse/roommates/kids/dogs? Do tell.

Here's a sample of my normal list:
-bell pepper (color depends on price)
-pizza sauce
-Kraft mac & cheese
-chicken broth
-black beans
-diced green chiles
-cheerios/raisin brain/marshmellow mateys
-whole wheat bread
-deli lunch meat
-boneless, skineless chicken breasts
-leanest ground beef
-1% and whole milk
-mozarella cheese
-sharp cheddar cheese

My weekly food budget is $70 so I don't buy all of these items every week. I almost always go over the budget by $10. It is so aggravating, but I will not give up my fresh fruits and vegetables. What is my special treat? Well, it depends on my mood: a bag of skittles or a milk chocolate Dove bar. I immediately hide them upon my arrival home. Not even Tim knows my hiding place.


  1. oh man i wish this college budget of mine let me buy all those groceries! sounds amazing to me.

  2. Why have I NEVER thought to hide treats from my hubby??
    And seriously... I wish you lived near by! I'd PAY you to do my grocery shopping. I definitely dislike going to the store!

  3. Wow you are my exact opposite! I would rather do any chore in the world than go grocery shopping. Laundry, toilets, vacuum, you name it. Maybe you should live close to me and do my grocery shopping for me!

  4. I thought your fridge looked really nice :) I think my two main staples are milk and eggs. I've noticed I would rather have a microwaved egg in the morning than cereal. You are an awesome shopper!

  5. first of all I totally thought this was your fridge and I was about to faint... Who does this?? haha anyways I always love your posts.. :)

  6. hmmm....milk, flour, sugar, oil, cold cereal. I make my own bread or that & peanut butter & jelly would be on the list. Cheese definitely. I feel like I can't make anything w/o cheese.


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