Love can happen a second time: Mara Kofoed

I don't remember how I happened upon Mara's blog, but I am so glad I did. She is an amazing person and a motivating blogger. She inspires me with every post. She has lovely gems of wisdom when it comes to making your marriage not only work but work very well. I won't spoil her story; it sounds better in her words anyway.

How did you know you were in love?

Well, I had been married before for 7 years.  I had learned a lot about love during that time and learned even more about it during the divorce.  So when I found myself unexpectedly single again in my thirties, I knew a thing or two about what I wanted in a husband.  So many people were very kind and were trying to set me up with guys.  They would always ask... "What kind of guy is your type?"  And my answer was a "A nice guy.  A really, really nice guy is my type."  I also wanted him to be on the same spiritual path that I was on, as that had finally become very important to me in the couple of years prior.  And I wanted a guy to have some spiritual fortitude.

As I faced the dating scene in Manhattan, it was easy to tell if someone met these requirements.  Problem is, not too many guys met these requirements.  ha!  Come to find out, it was a pretty tall order.  But one day I got an email from a woman I knew in Boston.  She said she wanted to put me in touch with a guy she went to church with in Boston.  She said he was a really, really wonderful guy.  Everyone loved him and was wanting to set him up with people.  And...he had just gone through a divorce.  Based on these very basic things she told me, my heart was about to burst.  I knew I was about to meet someone wonderful.  You see, when you go through a divorce, you know how ugly it can be.  So the fact that he had just gone through a divorce yet was  A. going to church.  B. still worthy of the praises of others.  C.  getting recommended to others by friends.......well, to a divorced woman, hearing this meant the WORLD.  haha.  I could read between the lines and knew firsthand how significant this was.  So...I think it's safe to say I was in love with Danny before we exchanged our first emails.  I was just in love with the kind of man that he was.  And that love was just confirmed again and again with every word that he wrote to me.  And again, when we met up 3 weeks later on a corner in New York City.  We got married the next spring.

i will be featuring different pieces of some of my favorite bloggers and readers' love stories throughout the month of February since it is the month of love and all. So don't be alarmed if you have lots of posts from me this month. Happy "love" making, and I mean that in the cleanest way.


  1. How sweet!
    Sometimes you just know!
    What a lucky lady to find such a nice guy.
    Amy x

  2. I know, I love her blog too. I have her "tips for a really great marriage" hanging in our bathroom :)

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