a missed first kiss: Andrea

Andrea writes the sweet little tales of her life at Life Won't Wait. She already has one little peanut and is awaiting the arrival of her second baby. I love reading about her pregnancy, and I can't believe how fast it is going. I guess that is what it's like for the person not actually experiencing the pregnancy. I just know Andrea and I would be brunch friends if we lived closer together. 

What do you remember about the first kiss?

He walked me up the sidewalk to the well lit covered porch of my parents home, bent down and I held my breath.."I can't believe he''s going to kiss me!!!" I lifted my head, and wow, WE TOTALLY MISSED!! Nevertheless, after we said goodbye I closed the garage door behind me and slumped against it, overcome by the magic and butterflies in my stomach! (Lets just say the second time, we made sure to get it right:)

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  1. Aw thanks for sharing this! I had totally forgot about this till I read your email! And yes....we would totally be brunch buddies!!! Xoxo


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