a noteworthy proposal: Jackie

Dave and Jackie are two of my favorite people. We were neighbors and became great card game buddies during our little stint in west Provo. We would stay up late after putting our kids to bed and eat pie and laugh and try to put on our best poker face, even though we never played poker. If only you could know them because they really are some of the funniest people I know.

It was hard to pick just one question.  I love to say how much I am in love with my sweetheart, and we have had wonderful dates and so many wonderful experiences that have made up such a wonderful marriage.

Dave's parents were serving a mission in San Diego. So we took a road trip to meet the parents.  Little did I know, it was also to get engaged.  Dave and his Dad had it all planned out.  We were on Del Cornado island and went to visit the shops on the beach before dinner at the Prince of Wales dining room there at the Hotel Del.  We found a little trinket (a bottle topper) that Dave wanted to buy for his Dad.  After dinner we took a walk along the beach and the sun was setting.  As we were walking along he wanted to see the trinket we had bought.  So I pulled it out of the bag.  He noticed that there was a note rolled up in the bottle and asked me to take it out and see what it read.  As I was reading it, I didn't get it.  So I had to start over and read it again.  This time noticing that he had gotten down on one knee.  It talked about receiving a token, but if I didn't want the token I would cast it into the sea forever.  At that point I understood the token and what was happening,  so much that I was seeing stars.  Dave proposed, and of course I said yes.  After lots of kissing and crying, and as we were enjoying the moment, I heard a little ahem.  Some lady approached and apologized, but said that she had been taking pictures of the us and the whole proposal and wondered if it would be alright to send us the pictures. So I really wasn't seeing stars, but flashes from this sweet lady.

14 yrs later, those pictures are a treasure to us, and it is a great reminder of the exciting beginning to our adventure together.

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  1. that is such a fun story! what a surprise since you were just meeting the parents! i also have pictures of my proposal and they are precious as gold! there is no way i could reenact my surprise face all over again! and it helps me remember that moment and how happy happy happy i was!


    p.s. i LOVE the flashing stars!! haha so funny!


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