cupid...are you there?

Every year I watch a friend or two battle the unforeseen woes of divorce. Divorce rates are on the rise. Hate and anger is also increasingly present. It leaves me wondering, "Cupid...are you there?" Does the love you represent still exist anymore?

After much contemplation, I believe it does. At least it does in my house. And it is my hope that if it still prevails in my house of crazy female hormones that it must abide in other homes as well. If enough homes cultivate real love, surely love will remain in society.

All that being said, I have never been a true lover of Valentine's Day. I believe flowers should be gifted as often as needed and not just once a year. Tim believes that too. I also believe boxes of chocolates should always be hidden away on an upper shelf in the spice cabinet just to be pulled out on romantic nights (which hopefully occur more than once a year). And lastly I believe love should displayed and felt every single day of the year.

This year, however, I am on the ball with this lovely holiday. I worked all day on a little surprise for Tim. I can't wait for him to find it. I am sure it will take him all the way back to our dating days when I used to do cute things "just because" on a regular basis. I was a really great girlfriend. I would say I've been a mediocre wife lately. With all my kid responsibilities and lack of energy come 5pm, he is left with a hurried kiss and side hug when he walks through the door each night.

Tomorrow I want to change that. Tomorrow, he is going to receive special attention. It will begin first thing in the morning and end with a romantic evening sharing creme brulee in the moonlight. 

Bun, I love you more than all the sour ropes in the world. You are the pb in my pb&j sandwich. You are the it in my cheezit. You are the apple of my eye (oh wait...did I steal that line from you?) I love you. --Me


  1. uhhh... Eliza loves the new blog look, I'm sure Tyler would agree if he saw it.


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