it's about time for a change

i am terribly bored with my writing lately. i have been so busy running around after five lively bodies all day long that i barely have time to catch my breath, let alone ponder any subject of real significance outside my little bubble. so i have to apologize if you have found me boring lately.

i noticed my mental blockage several weeks ago when i sat at my computer and stared blankly at the screen with not a single word entering the creative part of my brain. i twiddled my thumbs and twirled my hair until i finally mustered up a lame post. let's be honest...they've been pretty hum drum as of late.

so...a change was needed. i thought about what i would've done back when i used to write my thoughts down in an actual physical journal and decided i needed to change the look of my blog. if i was writing my thoughts in a book, i would've changed the complete look and color of the book. i have thirteen book journals dating back to my fourteenth year. each book has a different cover and feel to it. i often felt the book inspired certain events of the next chapter of my life. and if it didn't inspire the actual event, it definitely manipulated my thoughts on the event.

so don't be surprised to find some changes around here. it's about time, right? seeing as my header still has v crawling around on all fours. she has been walking for over a year and we have a new little peanut now. the header had to go. once i decided the header needed to be changed, i decided to ask for some design help to create a whole new look to the blog.

i'm excited. i'm antsy. i can't wait for the next set of events to occur.

is there any subject you would like me to address? i do quite well at answering questions or requests. i actually love tasks like that and challenge you to challenge me. pleeeeaaaase. is there anything you would like me to write less about? if my children come to your mind first, well...that's not going to happen. they make me who i am and i love to write about them.

and as always...thanks for reading...whoever you are and wherever you are.


  1. My blog header is from before my son turned 1...he'll be 2 on Saturday!! i need a blog makeover too, but just too busy to sit down and do it. There's not enough hours in the day to do everything.

    Can't wait to see the new blog makeover.

  2. I'm excited to see the changes! If I can't change mine (simply because I'm lazy) then I can at least find some excitement at changes others are making, haha!

  3. I have always loved to hear your commentary on books/movies/music.

    I think you should explore that a bit more.

    and I miss you weekly monday morning chatter. Keep up with that dangit!


"Be kind and considerate with your criticism... It's just as hard to write a bad book as it is to write a good book." Malcolm Cowley