a day trip to chicago...just in time for mother's day

^^I had never had lemon sorrel before. I am passionate about citrus things so this was amazing. I need to find it in my local grocery store or at least plant some when we get to California.

We hopped down to Chicago this afternoon to meet up with Tim's parents for a small getaway. The girls always love seeing family so it was a nice way to for us to see them without having to drive more than a couple of hours. 

We met in Lincoln park. I do believe Tim and I will retire to Chicago one day. We loved this part of town. We generally frequent the more common parts of downtown so it was nice to discover something new. The zoo is small, but perfect. It's free and located in the middle of a larger park that also allows for soccer games and farmer's markets. The animals are housed in old brick buildings. It was a very peaceful afternoon. I'd recommend it to anyone. 

After spending a couple of hours at the zoo and barn, we ate a delicious lunch at Epic Burger. And in the words of my dear friend Cami, "The burgers were...well...epic." I couldn't put it in any better terms. 

I will miss Chicago during our stint out west. Chicago has always felt like a beacon of some sort to me. It has been the constant big city during our moves. I have a love for it that is hard to describe. I was built to be a city girl, and this would be my choice city. Happy Mother's Day to me. The perfect way to kick off my very special day.

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  1. We love Chicago too. Surprised we haven't made it down there yet. Glad you had fun!


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