to our mothers

mom: life would be incomplete without you. thank you for every single phone call during your lunch hour when i know you could be relaxing. thank you for every late night head rub and pep talk that usually ends up in a fit of giggles. thank for giving each of your children room to grow and be independent. thank you for respecing us for who we are and who we aren't. thank you for getting on your hands and knees to play with my girls. thank you for watching them every single night i am in town just so i can catch a break. thank you for instilling a need for faith in me. thank you for being so forgiving. 

you are an angel. a real special one. you make my life easier every. single. day. i love you. 

cathy: life would also be incomplete without you. thank you for giving mya her very first bath since i was terrified. thank you for teaching me little tricks all along the way over the past four years. thank you for calling me every week to say hello. thank you for encouraging me to be better than i naturally am. thank you for reminding me to hold on when everything else was spinning out of control (this one lesson has meant the world to me). thank you for always offering a helping hand. thank you for watching our girls so we could go on a cruise. and most of all...thank you for raising such a wonderful man. i am the luckiest woman because of you. 

you have meant the world to me. just wanted you to know that.

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  1. What a beautiful post, I'm sure both of them will be really touched.Rx


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