's friday

I don't know where this week went. Seriously. It was such a busy, busy week over here. Everyday Tim and I would look at each other and say, "Is it Friday yet?" Sadly, it never was...until today. Hooray!

I still can't believe how rapidly my calendar filled up since it was basically wide open on Monday. A dear friend of mine was supposed to visit earlier on the week but had to cancel due to a series of unfortunate events. I had left my schedule open and flexible to accommodate her and her crazy bunch so when she cancelled, I was left with lots of time. It literally seemed like within minutes all my free time was filled, and my crazy week began.

There was lots of packing, throwing away and organizing done at night (which is why I haven't blogged in a few days). It is nearly impossible to pack with six little hands finding their way into every. single. box. Just yesterday I attempted to pack all of our winter gear and found myself taking really deep breaths as the kids decided to take every boot, jacket and hat out of the box and dress themselves for an imaginary snow storm about to hit Milwaukee. I scrapped the activity until nap time because it was basically pointless from that moment on.

My week was also filled with several visits to the beautiful Tosa parks. My kids require one or two baths a day these days because they are always covered in sand or dirt starting about 8am. I have to say though that I love soaking in the sun as I watch them run around the playground with new-found friends. It never ceases to amaze me that children hold no judgment. They make friends in seconds. I wish that attribute continued on into adulthood. I was just telling Tim last night that if I could fill up my schedule with park days, motherhood would never be difficult. My kids don't need me or even notice I am there for a solid two hours. It's craaazy because at home all three of them are fiercely attached.

95% of my schedule is filled with kid activities. However, I was mindful of my own needs and did schedule some adult time too. We had dinner with friends on Tuesday and I threw my very first baby shower on Wednesday. And it happened to go very well. Parties really stress me out because I just want to have everything be natural and fun so I am always stressed until the moment right before the party. I am so glad this one went well because I really love the expectant mom and was so honored to help her celebrate her new babe. And because every bone in my body was dead tired (quite literally), Tim and I called it a night at 9pm last night after we caught up on some much needed Modern Family. see how crazy we've been. Moves always have the magical ability to speed up time in a way incomparable to anything else. I will try and keep up as much as possible.

Here are some pictures of the week: 

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