life...according to my iphone.

since my life is currently in a constant state of motion, i usually capture most pictures with my phone. here are a few good ones of our life lately:

^^we have so many picnics in the park these days

^^her style lately is killing me. she was bent on wearing tights with socks but i think i've worked her out of that one. 
^^she doesn't mess around when she eats string cheese
^^she loves ring around the rosies
^^isn't she just the cutest in her suit?

^^soon they will be tossing fireworks down drains just like their daddy. for now it's just sticks.

 ^^the vines are the coolest spot on the block
^^her work will line some art museum someday

^^i made pillow covers. me??!! yes sir. 

^^i got to visit mya in preschool and help in class. it was a blast!

^^lots of love these days
^^a lover of chocolate. can you blame her?

being two has brought a billion emotions with it. v seems to balancing out lately, but we had some rough weeks.

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  1. Yep. Your girls are so adorable! Love these pictures.


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