my man and his cake.

Do you know one of my favorite things about being married to Tim? He lets me bake delicious treats for him any time I want. He doesn't even ask for things anymore, he just makes some sly comment like, "Your chocolate-chip cookies sure are good." And you know what...that's just the motivation I need to whip up another batch for him any time he wants (well, within reason). 

Because he is so good to me in virtually every way a man can be good to a woman, I like treating him to something really special on his birthday. Generally I make a box chocolate cake split into four layers, and I make a delicious whipped topping for the filling and a rather tasty chocolate frosting to cover my round creation. It's been his special cake for the last five years, but this year, this year we needed a change so I made a different chocolate cake. I scrapped the box mix and made my own (well, I followed a recipe), and instead of making a whipped topping, I made a chocolate frosting. 

Let's just say, it is the best cake I have ever made. I kinda want to make it again right now and eat it all weekend. I'm sure Tim wouldn't mind. 

Tim deserves every good thing the world has to offer. He is the best thing that has happened to me and to my girls. We were able to celebrate his birthday with his best friend Taylor and Taylor's fiancé, Katherine. Tim took the day off and we all enjoyed the beach together. We then returned home to eat steak and cake. What else could a man ask for? Well, one thing I guess.

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