i caught the tail end of titanic last night as i was finishing up my editing for the week. gosh, leonardo dicaprio is on the brain at the moment. i crushed hard on him throughout my teenage years and lost interest during my twenties, but there is something about the way he is that is just hooking me again in my thirties.

okay, this was not supposed to be a post about leonardo dicaprio, but how can i not write about him when talking about titanic? he's positively dreamy and a complete gentleman to miss rose.

there i go again. hmm.

anyway, titanic gets me every time. i saw it seven times in the theater as an oily-skinned teenage girl. i remember thinking then how terrible the situation must've been for all those people. due to my terrible claustrophobia, drowning is the least favorable option when dying. as an adult, my heart seizes up when i think of the children left in those lower cabins or the families fatally separated.

i know there are a billion metaphors to life that we can gleam from the titanic's experience, but i think i will just leave it as it is--a horrible, horrible tragedy.

do tell...how many times have you seen the movie? i will not reveal my number now because it's just embarrassing.

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  1. This is crazy you wrote about this today. Janine, I have never seen Titanic! My parents forbade it! The other day at the library Marshall picked out a book about the Titanic. I was reading through it with him this morning and I had two thoughts 1)This is really such a sad story to think about all those who died 2) I should really see this movie!

    Anyway, happy late birthday to V. Love all those balloon pictures. The sixth from the bottom could seriously be on a greeting card.

    Long comment. :)


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