a name and a blessing

Tim blessed our little Felicity Birdie Bea at church on Sunday the 15th. It was such a sweet moment for me to listen to the blessings he pronounced upon her: to be a joy to her family, especially her sisters, to be a woman of faith, to find happiness, to be smart and kind, and to be a light. I believe very much in the faith of others and how it can help us reach our true potential, and I know that Tim and I believe in our girls so much so I'm sure in no time at all we will see this little doll of ours grow into all of her blessings with our help.

We were so lucky to have his parents visit (my dad came the weekend before so it was as if he was here too!). I really hope our girls can always remember how much their grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins love them. This life is crazy, and we couldn't make it without their support.

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  1. The toes! That shot kills me. Please blow that up and put it somewhere. I love it!


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