A quick visit from Papa

Mya dad came for a quick visit this past weekend, and we had a great time with him. He was kind enough to watch all four girls so that Tim and I could visit the Dallas Temple. Afterwards we ate some delicious barbecue from a place that we're still not sure if it would pass health codes. ;) The meat was soft and smelled of sweet pecan, and hey...no one got food poisoning. We also explored a bit of downtown and were lucky to find a sculpture garden. (As a complete side note: I should mention how much I miss the city. My body aches for crowded places and lean buildings. I don't miss traffic, but I do miss every thing else. And I mean everything. It's a sad thing when I literally tell people that perhaps I'll see them at the Burger King because it's really the only place in town kids can play indoors.) The rest of the weekend was spent playing outdoors and making Papa laugh. Elle kept scowling at him, and it would make his belly shake with delight.

Oh dad, how I love you! I love the way you are with my girls, and I love how you are with me. Thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to make us feel loved. You succeeded.

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