snapshots from the weekend

Top to bottom: 1. The classic Doot "throw your head back and laugh," 2. Tim played the piano, as he so often does on his visits, and we all sang nursery rhymes/songs with the girls, 3. Tim singing loudly as V listens with her awkward "what's happening" smile, 4. Elle Belle practicing her "renastics" (as V calls it) by jumping back and forth from the ottoman to the couch, 5-7. Daddy/daughter cuddles, 8. Mya dancing to "I know you...I've walked with you once upon a dream" with Mr. Bear, 9. Cathy and a silly-faced Birdie, 10. Elle Belle teaching Pop-pop how to play "Let it Go" via YouTube, 11. Daddy/daughter cuddles again. 

First, I love the piano. It soothes me in ways nothing else does. I crave piano music almost always, and perhaps it's because it offsets the daily chaos and screaming I'm so accustomed to these days. I love when Tim comes to town because he always plays the piano for the girls. It never ceases to amaze me how talented he is. I have never seen him use sheet music to play; he just hears a song once or twice and figures out how to play it. God is pretty generous in the talents he blesses us with. That's for sure. 

Second, there are moments where we are incredibly sad that we never had a boy. It makes Tim cringe whenever people try to offer some sort of condolence to cheer him up on the matter. Do you know how many times people have said, "Well, at least you'll get 4 amazing son-in-laws that you can throw the football to." Or "You're just an amazing dad to girls. You just get them." Or "Maybe you'll be put in the young men's program or scouting organization to make up for your lack of boys." (I think he hates that last one the most. Am I right hon?) I know there is no consolation I can offer Tim to make up for our lack of male genes in this house, but these pictures remind me how lucky we are to have the family we have at the moment. Our girls love us, and we love them completely. We have great relationships with each of them, and each relationship is unique in its own right. I am honored to be partnered with a man who is so gentle and kind to women and girls. We all notice his ability to calm our troubled waters, and we are thankful for him. But bun, I'm still sorry you don't have your boy. I really am. 

Third, our girls are in wonderful stages right now. They are brimming with curiosity and laughter. They continue to build and create things out of nothing, and they are so brilliant with their imaginations. Everyday Tim and I talk about the hard moments just because it's a necessity, but we always end with the great moments of the day, and there are always so many. 

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