you drive me crazies!

This girl is me, but not in the way Mya is me; Elle is different, but she yet she is me. I see me in the way she balls her squishy fists when she gets overly excited or frustrated. I see me when she jumps up and down a million times to show her excitement. I see me when her body starts to move at the sound of music, even if it doesn't move well. I hear me when she growls in disapproval. And this afternoon when I asked her what she wanted for lunch, and she replied "Sandwich mama," and I asked which kind of sandwich--pb&j or grilled cheese--and she said, "Sandwich!" even louder, and I repeated the options again, and she finally grabbed my face and grunted, "Mama, you drive me crazies!" I really saw/heard me.

I love this little mini me. I really do.

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