what i'm saying a lot of these days.

After repeating "Please don't spill that on the floor" for what seemed to be the 52nd time today, I started thinking about all the phrases I use frequently throughout each day. Because I am a fairly routine person, my phrases cycle in and out every few weeks. Sure, I might pick up a saying here or there once and awhile, and sure, it might stick for a couple weeks, but I always go back to my comfort words:

--"Mama loves you [insert name] this much" as I stretch my arms as wide as they can go. I mean...I basically am the Big Nutbrown Hare. (If you don't know this book, you should.)
--"If you don't put your sister down, I swear I'm gonna [insert threat]." This threat is made to each of the girls when I find them picking up one of their sisters, and I'm not always referring to picking up Birdie. This afternoon I walked upstairs to find Elle squeezing the life out of Mya.
--"Elle, did you go poop? Are you sure? Because something smells really bad, and I'm pretty sure it's you." To which she always replies with pink cheeks, "Uh, yes. I so stinky."
--"Who spilled all this water?" I swear my girls spill at least three cups of water on the floor a day. Oh, it doesn't happen at your house? Then tell me your secrets.
--"Who spilled all this gliiiiittttteeeerrr?" (said in a higher, more irritated tone than when water is spilled) It is almost always Mya, although she loves to place blame on everyone else. The stinker.
--"Are you my pookie? I sure do love you my pookie." This is generally something I say to Elle as I kiss her squishy cheeks until she squeals, but on occasion you'll find me saying the same thing to all my girls.
--"I'm always lookin' for those." I always say this when Genevieve moons me and asks, "Hey mom, lookin' for these?" And then I chase her down until I can pinch those little dummies.
--"No you may not have a treat until after you have a healthy snack. No! No! No!" I have to repeat this at least 15 times a day, especially when Mya gets home from school because she tends to jump off the bus with her mind already on the treat bag.
--"We don't stand in chairs!" I exclaim this at least twice a day to my girls because after that little boy nearly broke his nose after a nasty fall on one of those chairs, I am terribly afraid it will happen again. Like it gives me nightmares. A lot.
--"Who's my pretty baby?" I say this to all my girls everyday.
--"Are you still gonna love mama when you get big and grown up? Because I'm still gonna love you. Will you always hug and kiss me? Pinky promise?" I have this running joke with the girls that I don't want them to grow up. I would love to freeze moments and stuff them in a jar somewhere to open when the girls are all grown and too busy to pay attention to me.
--"Please don't scream because [insert name] is sleeping, and you are basically insane!" None of my girls like to be called insane, but what else should I call them after hours of screaming.
--"Stop eating your boogies. You're gross." This one is always, ALWAYS, directed at Genevieve. She openly admits to liking the last of her boogers. Let's just say...she's not going to be dating any time soon.
--"Give me a kiss and a hug. Mama needs your love." My kids graciously oblige my incessant pleas for love.
--"You're driving me craaaazzzy!" This is my go-to phrase whenever I feel stressed out during a chaotic moment with the girls.

Do you have favorite phrases? And are your phrases kinder than mine? I bet they are. I try my hardest to be kind, but here's the deal, I'm still me, and it's hard to take the sarcasm out of my language.

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  1. Love this. Fun to think of what I say all the time. I'd love to ask my kids. Here's my short list:

    "I'll love you forever and ever, no matter what." I intentionally started saying the "no matter what" part- I have this odd feeling I'm going to have a child who is going to need to tell me something important some day and they'll need to have it ingrained in them that they will always have my unconditional love.

    "Do you know how much mama loves you?"

    "He/she is just a baby!" (when a big kid gets mad at Cal or Tess for doing what babies and 2 year olds do)

    "Mama is soooo tired because there's a baby in my tummy so I'm going to take a nap." Said A LOT recently!

    "Do you want to try to say that again in a kind voice?"

    "I said no and the answer is not going to change no matter how much you whine or how many times you ask again!" Yes, I still give in and change my mind.


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