life lately.

Photos (top to bottom): Mya still remains the most emotional person I have ever met. We were working on some writing, and I accidentally made an "n" look like an "h," and well, she cried for ten minutes. I'm still scratching my head on that one. V continues to be a pseudo-mama to both Elle and Felicity whenever I am not around. I always catch her carrying, and occasionally, dropping Felicity. Big sigh. Nothing I can do about it. Elle's tough so I assume Birdie will also be tough. Elle has been a complete "nightmare dressed as a daydream" lately (thank you Taylor Swift for those amazingly true lyrics). She has the attitude of a 16 year old and the mind of a 2 year old so you can imagine how normal conversations go down. Blue looking regal as ever. He got a haircut two weeks ago, and no one recognizes him in the neighborhood. And Miss Birdie Bea is really into her fingers. She can't get enough of them. 

Life this week has been good, really good. We've been in happier spirits, and it really makes a difference. I love these kids and this dog of mine. They're complete crazies, but man, I couldn't live life without them.

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