a babble.

And just like that almost a week has passed without writing. So much for my writing goals. ;) It's been harder to find writing time this week because Tim's been gone every night this week, and I've been left to put the girls to bed alone, which isn't terrible, but it takes time. Lots of time. Do you even want to know how many songs I have to sing before I'm allowed to leave and close the door? I'm not the best singer, and yet, my girls beg me to sing the same songs over and over again. Elle Belle even makes me stroke her hair as I sing so I can't even tiptoe out of the room during the chorus.

Tonight I thought I was going to put a dent into my work and maybe even write on the blog for a minute when two salesmen showed up trying to get me to buy a Kirby vacuum. I won't get into why they even thought we'd be interested in buying one, but suffice it to say that Tim will not be getting sex for a week for not turning them away the first time they knocked on the door. Grr, Tim, grr. Now it's 10:28pm, I didn't edit a single article, and I don't have enough time to write a decent post. I have a good one brewing too. I've been thinking about how adult choices are waaaay more difficult than I would've ever thought as a kid. I really did think adults had their proverbial crap all put together, but the more I live, the more I learn that I was wrong. Dead wrong. Being an adult is rather tricky. I'll write more about this later. Maybe Friday? Maybe?

What other random thing can I babble about tonight? The fact that I look absolutely ridiculous in a bikini? It's true. I think all these pregnancies have ruined my rib cage. I may manage to flatten my stomach before summer, but I don't think I can jar these ribs back into place. What else...? Hmm. The salesman from Kirby didn't know where Arizona was located. He asked me if it was located above California to which I replied a resounding, "No Willie. It's two states away. It's just above Mexico." "Oh, I guess that's what I meant, " he said as he shrugged. He also asked me if the barbecue in Arizona was better than Texas. I told him I wouldn't know because I didn't know Arizona was ever known for their barbecue. Haha. Poor Willie. I hope he doesn't end up selling Kirbys for the rest of his life, although he was quite convincing so perhaps it should be his life career. Who would've known my new Shark wasn't the most amazing vacuum? Not me. He convinced me otherwise. But no, I didn't sell my left leg to buy one of his machines because I told him it just wasn't written in the cards tonight. I think we were both bummed when he left. Okay, he was more bummed than me. I was just really excited to get to work, which I didn't end up doing because I sat on YouTube watching ab workouts until the very moment that I started this blog post.

And now I am rambling. So I will save us both from the most obnoxious ramble, and I'll say goodnight.

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  1. I'm grateful for your babble. I think it feels more like a conversation, because let's be serious, most random conversations are mostly just babble. It's good to hear from you.


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