a day in our life: April 2015

I've been trying to have my nice camera readily available to take pictures of moments like the ones above. It's becoming more rare to catch all the girls inside the house at one time. Mya always runs home to throw her backpack through the front door and hop on her bike. V generally follows right behind, but she only rides until she finds a dirt pile to demolish. And Elle generally sticks to my side like glue the moment she wakes up from her nap. Sometimes I can coax her into playing chalk with me or chasing her sisters, but usually she seems pleased to hold my hand and watch the other girls in action. And if Felicity isn't sleeping, she enjoys occupying my other arm and laughing as she watches the girls race back and forth between the neighborhood driveways.

We've been having some great days lately. So great in fact that I started to wonder if I was losing my desire to ever go back to work because the kids are all at great ages, and except for the occasional boxing match, everyone is really fun to be around. Tim and I can't say it enough: having four kids is waaaaay easier than having one kid (at least in our experience). They entertain each other and us so easily that time passes without us even noticing. Our normal bedtime routine is even starting to change because we are outside longer and playing more together.

I've been trying to disconnect more from social media because it really does zap the time away if you're not careful, and I've decided there's nothing that can't to be read or seen until later. I've noticed that the more I disconnect from people I don't have relationships with beyond the virtual world, the more I connect with the people who matter most.

I feel happy. I am still hormonal, but I'm finding it easier to strike a balance between my inner chaos and the events happening all around me. I am accomplishing small tasks too. For example, I just finished potty training Elle, and let me tell you--it has been no small feat to potty train each of my girls. They each required different coaching and encouraging, and it was rather difficult, but I did it. I stuck it out through all the pee-pee panties (as we call them in this house) and all the closet accidents, and I think we are in the clear now.

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