Andrew and Hanna's wedding

After New York, we attended Tim's cousin's wedding in Baltimore. After a tumultuous week in Baltimore, Hanna had to rearrange some wedding plans so that all the guests could be home before the 10pm curfew. If I would've been the bride, I would've been so sad and frustrated to change things, but Hanna was handled everything with grace and humor. She and her bridesmaids created a funny hashtag for social media: #sayidobeforecurfew.

The wedding and reception were so beautiful. I had never been to a Jewish ceremony so I sat captivated by the language. I felt so comfortable and loved in the midst of such wonderful family. We hadn't seen many of them in years, but it didn't feel like more than a day had passed. It would've been easy to passed on the wedding in lieu of a small baby and our crazy life, but I'm so glad we chose to go because I keep relearning that family is the important thing we have in this life.

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